Zhalong Nature Reserve in Qiqihar – bird watching heaven in Heilongjiang


Qiqihar seems to get the ‘short end of the stick’ in Harbin. When I teach at one of the universities in Harbin I ask the students to stand up and introduce themselves: Name, Place of Origin, study program etc

Whenever one of them says, “I’m from Qiqihar,” the rest laugh.

When I ask why, I’m generally told that it is a hole.

I have to admit that I can relate to this attitude on some level; while I studied at university in Dunedin the running joke was that the next town over – Mosgiel – was a hole (sorry Mosgiel).

I think it is particularly unfair for Qiqihar. While it is not rich with oil like Daqing, it is a nice place and has a brilliant bird reserve.

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2 Most Important Things to Stay Safe as a Solo Female Traveller


One of the biggest reasons people, and women especially, don’t travel solo, or in many cases don’t travel at all is that they are worried about how to stay safe.

When I was planning to travel after university one of my friends kept on trying to be positive and talk about all the good things she’d heard about Beijing.

Then the fear would get the better of her and she’d go back to saying “please please be careful Zoe.”

It is a huge mental block for many people.

I think the main drivers behind this are our universal fear of the unknown and media bias.

It is such a common category 1 excuse not to travel.

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Essential Preparation for Your Trip

Trip preparation

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Essential Preparation for Your Trip

How should you prepare for your trip? That is almost an impossible question to answer because every trip is different. Long term travelling or short-term trip? Harbin in winter or India in summer? France in the high season or Liberia which I don’t think has a season. Every trip requires something different.

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Challenges Travelling as a Woman – the Menstrual Cycle


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Source: Unknown

There are many challenges to travelling that everyone faces – and a few extras that only women face. How to handle your period can be one of the most awkward. So men, we’ll be talking about periods, menstrual cups and genitals. Click the back button, this article won’t have any relevance to you.

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Guide to Exploring Harbin Food, Restaurants and Bars


Harbin Food is really great and there is a good variety of food, from dishes that go with rice, to hotpot, to Chuar; the Dongbei region is well known for its food. I encourage everyone to try as much of the local food as possible. If you are just visiting – when is the next time you are going to be in Harbin? If you are staying as an expat for the long haul – make the most of it.

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